New Leader Application - Men

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Current Ministry Involvement
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Theological Foundations for Leaders (TFL):
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Briefly describe how you became a Christian and how you continue to grow today.
What has inspired you to pursue this level of leadership at this time?
Have you spoken with others, such as a mentor, sponsor or spouse, who supports you in pursuing this leadership ministry opportunity in this season of your life? If so, what has been their response?
Have you ever walked through anything that required treatment, counseling or discipline from the church? If so, when? How does this part of your story impact your leadership?
List your perceived top 3 leadership/serving strengths & weaknesses/challenges. How might they impact the ministry you wish to pursue?
What current commitments might you need to step back from in order for you to be an effective Journey Group leader?
My joy in serving 1-lowest, 4-highest
My Relationship with Family 1=stressful, 4=enriching
My Relationship with my spouse 1=stressful, 4=enriching
My Job Satisfaction 1=low, 4=high
My Sabbath Worship 1=low priority, 4= high priority
My Tithing 1=not importatant, 4=important
My recognition of sin in my life and my ability to repent 1=struggling, 4=consistently
My Daily Worship of God 1=struggling, 4=consistent
My study of the Word and Scripture Memory 1=struggling, 4=consistent
My prayer for my lost friends and action when God presents opportunities 1=struggling, 4 consistent
My living by faith and trusting God 1=struggling, 4=consistent
Average working hours per week
Leadership Intentions: