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Health screenings and science
3/14/2019 - 3/24/2019

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All minors must have at least one parent present for each training.
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If your response is yes, the GO Journey Coordinator will contact you to discuss how we can best accommodate your needs.
*Share a short summary of your spiritual journey.
*Describe any cross-cultural ministry experiences
*Describe what you hope to see the Lord do in and through you on this journey
*Who was the most influential in your decision to participate in a GO Journey?
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The questions below are part of the process to help provide a safe and secure environment for our children.  We understand that the answers to these questions may be private and deeply personal, and we will protect your privacy.
*Have you had any experiences that might make it difficult for you to minister to children/youth :
*Are you currently using illegal drugs:
*Have you ever been denied legal custody of your child(ren) in any legal proceedings including divorce decrees or settlements:
*Have you physically or sexually abused a child:
*Have you ever been accused or arrested for sexual molestation or physical or emotional abuse of child:
*Did you, as a child, experience any physical or sexual abuse that you have not yet processed in a healthy manner:
*Have you experienced any significant physical or emotional stresses within the past year, such as the loss of a parent, spouse, or child; extreme ill health; or any emotional or physical crisis:
*Are you currently engaged in any conduct or life pattern for which you are unrepentant or unwilling to stop:
*Do you have any health issues that could place the children of Perimeter at risk:
If you answered yes to any of the questions above in the Safety Form section, please explain. 
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